Rug Categories


• Milestone Rugs employs four artists who can make simple changes quickly, as well as draw up custom rugs free of charge. Custom renderings take 24 to 48 hours, depending on complexity.

• Milestone Rugs honors copyrights.

• Color matching is available free of charge.


• Rug pad is additionally available cut to specific shape and size

• In addition to Milestone Rugs’ pre-drawn designs, shaggy 100% felted wool rugs are available.

Coordinate Your Own:
Step 1: Choose from Solid, Bi-Color, or Tri-Color
Step 2: Choose Your Colors
Step 3: Choose Your Shape
Non-Standard Shapes Must Be
Accompanied by a Template
Step 4: Choose Your Size
Choose from Stocked 3’x5’s:
Sample Sets Available
Additional Colors Being Added
Solid: E12, N1, & J12
Bi-Color: G9/G12 & R4/Q4
Tri-Color: L11/R6/M12