Rug Categories

Caring for your Milestone Rug

•   Vacuum the rug regularly.
•   Occasionally fibers miss the final shearing process and will peek up after vacuuming. Simply clip these even with the rug.
•   Clean spills immediately (never rub a spill, blot with dry absorbent cloth).
•   Some stains can be cleaned with a very mild, clear detergent and lukewarm water (avoid excessive moisture).
•   With cleaning solutions it is recommended to test the color fastness on a corner. Once verified, apply the products gently.
•   Do not let stains dry – stains must be worked from the outside in.
•   Do not machine wash rugs.

      Types of Stains Cleaning

Grease, oil, shoe polish, ink, wax, make-up, tar etc.

Dry Cleaning solvent - Alcohol, Petrol etc.

Coffee, chocolate, tea, milk, cacao, wine, sweets, fruit, urine, blood, egg, sauce, vomit, excrement etc.

Warm water with vinegar and neutral detergent. Apply with a damp sponge, clean with a cloth and leave to dry.

Mud, dirt etc.

Leave to dry, brush and apply warm water with ammonia in a proportion of 3:1.

Nail varnish, acetone, chewing gum, lipstick, paint etc.

First apply dry cleaning solvent. Afterwards warm water with vinegar and neutral detergent and finally dry cleaning solvent again.