Rug Categories
       People frequently ask me where the Milestone rug company originated. Milestone Rugs pretty much birthed itself, starting when my husband and I decided to create rugs to celebrate events in ours and others’ lives.

       The nursery and children’s segment was created when I was unable to attend a few baby showers due to business travel, and so we sent along personalized rugs in our place. After a few showers, I almost think that my friends hoped that we would be unable to attend, thinking that they might receive a unique rug in our place. Now I think that my friends, and even some friends of friends, have the most fashionable nurseries imaginable.

       Having waited until later in life to marry and have children, my friends and I realize that our tastes are more mature and practical. This made it extremely difficult when it came to finding the perfect nursery rug to pull everything together. After researching this market, I discovered that the only children’s rugs out there available are either the wrong color, a cliché theme, or too cheaply made.

       Because my husband and I own Delos Rugs, a rug company that specializes in Made-to-Order rugs, we realize that options are important. I especially think that options are important for a customer base with a vision, looking to celebrate and complete a unique space.

       My friends and family consistently remind me to enjoy Isaac, because children grow up so quickly. All I have to do is to look at all of the clothes that he has grown out of to understand the merit of their advice. I try to heed their advice and enjoy his rug while watching him play, rocking him to sleep at night, and being greeted by his smiling face peeking over the crib every morning.

       As busy our lives are, personalized rugs are the perfect way to take the time to celebrate important milestones in our lives. Please do not hesitate to let the Delos family know how we can help you celebrate an important Milestone in yours, or someone else’s life, by bringing what you envision into reality.

Leah Phillips, Owner/Co-President